This is a little late but hey, at least we're still inside her birthday month.  Karlyn turned the big TWO on December 16th and she's let us know it every day since!  JK.  =)
So this is going to be a combo post - her birthday party/2 year update, because mama's feeling lazy.
I wasn't planning to throw a big party this year but then I found a pink and zebra outfit on zulily and it was all downhill from there.  As little girl parties can go, it quickly became a production!  I was sad that none of my family was able to be there but my brother Kaleb was playing in a state championship football game and this is his Senior year so they had a good excuse.  We had some others decline due to sickness so there was more than enough food to go around and we did enjoy having our friends who could made it!
I spent all Friday afternoon and night baking and decorating and luckily had Ryan's family to help too.  This made it easy the next morning since I planned the party to start at 10:00 am.  What was I thinking?!

Our good buddies Mallory and Asher came to celebrate with us and we loved having them.  Unfortunately Karlyn wasn't in the best party mood since she wasn't feeling that good.  She perked up during presents though and what girl doesn't feel better after a little pink frosting?  We tried to get some pictures of the three of them but Mallory was not thrilled about the idea. ;>

Karlyn got a fun play kitchen from her Nona and Papa as well as a baby stroller, iron and ironing board, new clothes, a lunch bag with her name on it and more! from other friends and family.  It was a great day celebrating 2 years with our sweet girl and we appreciate all the love that was shown. :-)

I'm thinking my kiddo updates (I can't call her a baby anymore!) will be every 6 months now and then just little tid bits here and there.  It is kinda crazy to say I have a two year old.  But I love it!  Karlyn, it means your father and I have kept you alive and well-fed for, you guessed it.  TWO YEARS.  You are so much fun and you keep us laughing on a daily basis.  I'm always telling your daddy, "did you hear what she said?!"  You have an infectious smile that melts my heart...and convinces me to give you your paci when daddy says no.  Oops.

At 2 years old you: usually like going to "school" each day and can name your friends and teachers.  you love "macanoni and cheese."  like, LOVE it.  oh, and you used to call it "fa na na na cheese."  you say, "dodger, come here bud!"  you like to color.  on things you shouldn't.  we've started praying at night with you and so now you'll ask, "go night-night, pray to Jesus?"  you can count to 10, sing your ABC's, and identify colors ~ red, blue, green, pink, purple, black, brown, white, orange, and yellow.  you love babies and love putting them to bed.  see below.

You weigh about 31 lbs I think and I'm not sure how tall you are. :/  We'll go for your 2 year well check soon I'm sure.  You wear size 2T and 3T and about a size 7 shoe.  You wear a size 5 diaper but hopefully not for too much longer.  Potty training IS on the agenda!

You went through this phase where you liked to climb on the tables and we let you.  It didn't last too long but it was funny.  You would just switch back and forth between the two end tables and body surf.

One day at school you messed up your clothes but mommy forgot a spare so they put these 4T shorts on you.  It was hilarious! 

You LOVE spaghetti squash with sauce and regular pasta too.  You also eat: sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, olives, pizza, peanut butter and jelly on occasion (which you call "peanut-jelly") applesauce, cheese, tortilla chips, and broccoli.

You pat your babies to sleep - ALWAYS face down! - and cover them with a blanket.  You're such a good little mama!

You love your daddy and get excited when he gets home.  You know our names because someone I taught you them.  What's daddy's name?  "Wy-an."  What's mommy's name?  "Ta-ti."  What's your name?  "Kar-yn Kaye Ivey."  What's Dodger's name?  "Dodger be a bwown dog!"

You're such a silly goober.

The night before your birthday party, you decided to climb out of your crib.  We had no warning!  Your daddy tells me at 3:00 am, we have to get a toddler bed because you've climbed out!  So that was a long night.  I was hesitant to make the change especially since you were sick, but we didn't want you climbing or falling out anymore so that meant toddler bed time!  It wasn't sad for me but just another step to becoming a big girl. :)  I wish I could say you're doing well at staying in bed but we're still working on that.  You keep winding up in our bed. . . I know you'll get it soon enough though.  At least you nap there ok!

Karlyn, mommy and daddy love you very much and can't wait to see you grow even more this next year.  We know it will be an adventure whatever comes and we're excited to walk with you every step of the way. 

Thanks for being YOU!

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