The stuff of Saturdays

I've got some kind of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on over here but regardless, we made it through the day.  Oh and question.  Does someone tell 2 year olds that they're turning 2?  Just curious.  Because I believe mine knows.  How can someone that small destroy a room in seconds?!

Muchas gracias to my husband for cleaning our house today.  I did my part though by setting up our new printer, going to the library (for myself) and buying groceries. 

We were so blessed to get a new Kodak printer for Christmas and I already LOVE it!  It was a snap to put together as I nerdily followed the step-by-step directions.  The ink is super easy to install and there is a touch screen corner where you can give it commands.  We had a printer but it wasn't as nice as this one and we never used it.  Um, mainly because we either didn't buy refill ink or didn't install it when we did.  I'm actually going to use this one!

I knew what I would print first too.  SUBWAY ART!  I always see pins on Pinterest for "free printables" so I knew that was what I wanted.  I found the cutest Winter printable and framed it in an 8x10 I had sitting around.  I love it!

Now I just want to PRINT THINGS!  Hmm...got any ideas?  I was thinking too about those "home binders" that I've seen pins for...I guess where you organize all things home inside?  They apparently have print outs for those too.  I shall check it out.

This girl got a new do today.  It was incredibly cute.

Mama got new books at the library.  I hate when I go this long between books but a birthday and Christmas had me otherwise occupied.  I love love love reading and I can't wait to start again.  I wanted something fun and lighthearted to bury myself in and I found these three ~

  1. "I've Got Your Number" ~ Sophie Kinsella  (recommended by Heather!)
  2. "Faking Grace" ~ Tamara Leigh - I read "Perfecting Kate" by this author before and loved it.
  3. "Just Clean Enough" ~ I.B. Caruso & Jenny Schroedel - I picked this up because I need house clutter help and the book seems laid out in bite size readable chunks.

Last but not least my child told me that this color "wasn't working."  Just in case you run into the same issue....and find yourself with a defective tan crayola.

The end.

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Karo said...

I love her pony tail!! So cute.