It's wet! And bright!

Couple things.

If you haven't read this, you should.  HIlarious.

I like the song on this commercial.

It's cold.  And bright!  Sorry, I have to...my daughter says this a lot.  It's actually cold and rainy.  OK, and bright.  This meant I needed to hit up Tom Thumb for some essentials.


Do you use Google Chrome?  I just started and I'm IN LOVE.  It's so fast!  And I don't think I even know all that it can do.  Care to enlighten?

Hmmm.  So.  I have things to do.  Like clean.  Read.  Nap.  Make dinner.  Browse Pinterest.  Bake chocolate chip cookies.

What are you doing on this fine rainy day?

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Amanda said...

Cookies always sound good :)