Baby, it's cold INSIDE

Our house was built in 1990.  Not super old, not super new.  But we seriously cannot wait to get a new one.  A more efficient heating/cooling unit is only one of the reasons why.  This morning I woke up (or should I say  Karlyn woke us up) and thought, hmm, it must be super cold outside.  I still slept fine though.  Then Karlyn got in bed with me and I thought her little hands felt cold.  And...the heater's out.  Awesome.

There goes the January budget

Brrrrrr!  We clicked it over to emergency heat which warmed up the house while we got ready then back to auto and it kept working.  Got home from work and this place is an igloo!  I flipped it back to emergency so that I can survive until my most wonderful father-in-law arrives to look at it.  I'm so thankful that he knows all about this.

In other news, WE ARE ON OUR WAY IN POTTY TRAINING!!!!!  I cannot tell you how happy and excited this makes me.  It's like I told Ryan, every time she uses the potty, that's *however many cents per diaper* in our pocket!  Friday night I put her on the toilet before her bath like I usually do and it just happened that she needed to go.  I tried to made a huge deal about it and praise her.  The next morning I thought well, we might as well see if this thing sticks and put big girl panties on her.  She went a few more times!  And had a couple accidents.  Yesterday she went the whole day accident free!  She did wear a diaper to church which I'm not counting.  I sent her to school today in a pull-up so I'm very curious to see how she did.  She's finally catching on and I've never been so happy to hear music coming out of a little pink potty.  I've been giving her marshmallows and stickers but it's funny because she just likes to hold the marshmallows.  I say, "Karlyn aren't you going to eat those?"  

"No.  I just "hed" them."  =)  *Which means, "No I just "hed" them until they get all sticky between my fingers and fall in between couch cushions*

I told her, "Karlyn, tell Daddy or me when you need to go potty."  Her, very seriously: "And Dodger."  :>

I couldn't be more proud of her and I really, really hope she keeps it up!

I made magic cookie bars for a baby shower yesterday using this recipe off Pinterest.  Don't make them.  And don't say I didn't warn you.  There's magic inside.  REAL. MAGIC.  You can't eat just one, or half of one.  Nope.  You have to eat them like three at a time or you'll go crazy.  Seriously.  It's ridiculous.

Karlyn seems like she might be catching a cold and of course she's been breathing all over me so I stopped at our health food store and replaced the Vitamin D3 I was out of for myself and got her some chewable multi-vitamins with her required D3 and also some chewable probiotics since they were out of her powder.  Then I got home and chugged some warm apple juice with minced garlic in it.  

Garlic > magic bars, correct?  Now...where is my heated throw?

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Luanne said...

omg. you may be the only one who will appreciate the fact that last night my child stood up in the bath, announced his need to poopoo, POOPED IN THE POTTY, and has been telling me when he needs to go all day today!!!!!!
yay for potty training!!!!!
(or, more like in our house, wait until they figure it out on their own)!