It's Friday, It's Friday

Three day weekend here I come!  Yes!  I kept forgetting about it this week and then I'd remember and get happy.  :-)  My throat is starting to hurt though so must remedy that STAT.  I'm thinking some more garlic.  And way more sleep than I've gotten the past two nights.

Miss K is doing super awesome with her potty training still and I am so proud of her.  The next step will be going out in public...and constant awareness of where all the potties are. 

Isn't community awesome?  I don't mean the show, although I did love that too when I still had time to watch tv.  Ya know, pre-kid.  But I'm talking about a group of women that comes alongside you and encourages and lifts you up.  That is so needed and I love it.  Even online community.  It rocks.

What else?  I'm got a bunch of pink tulle and I want to make a Valentine's Day wreath.  I've never really worked with tulle before OR made a wreath so that could be interesting.  The Fall or Christmas wreath didn't happen but I'm determined to try my hand at it eventually.

Do you have a heated throw?  It's like an electric blanket, but in a throw size.  My aunt and uncle gave me one a few years ago and we forgot to pull it out until a week or so ago.  It is awesome and once you're underneath it, you never want to leave.   

Ok, that's all I got.  Bye!

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