Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Birthday Pictures

My friend Amanda was oh so kind to meet us last Thursday for some birthday pictures.  I had ordered Karlyn an adorable pink and zebra outfit which was my party theme inspiration and just knew we had to capture her wearing it.  I'm so glad we took these because she was in a less-than-stellar mood the day of her party! 
And lest you think Ryan is never invited to our photo shoots, it's not like that.  We didn't plan to get family photos taken this year and this session was sort of last minute.  But...since we were taking them, I thought I might as well try to coordinate and jump in a few!  I promise, we like daddy. =)  I'm hoping to get some family shots next year at some point. . .
Mallory came along and ran all over the place and thankfully we didn't lose her.  ha ha.  She is the opposite of Karlyn and doesn't like to be held.  Amanda, want to switch for a while?  My arms are getting tired! 

I treasure these pictures!

This totally wasn't posed.  She did it herself!  Anytime she sees a flat surface?

 "I lay down!" So. Cute.
Mallory joined in the fun! 
Bye-Bye Balloons!

I know this isn't typically a mommy/daughter shot but I still thought it would be cute.  Lucky for me, she was done taking pictures and so this was the best we got.
I'm so glad we did this so that I would have these memories to look back on.  I'll even remember my true display of motherhood which was wiping her runny nose with my hand between takesAh yes, good times.
Thank you Amanda SO MUCH!

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Amanda said...

So glad we got some good ones since I know I'm no photographer but you can't mess up pictures when you've got such pretty girls to photograph :)