Happy B-day Banner ~ Tutorial

Ha!  I feel silly even typing that word.  Tutorial.  I am not a tutorial-ist.
But.  I did make Karlyn's happy birthday banner myself AND came up with the idea all on my own AND it actually looked awesome!  I was very happy with it and it was super easy so I thought I'd share here how I made it.  It will make me feel crafty so just go with it. :-)

I didn't plan on doing a tutorial (let's see how many times I can use that word) so I don't have nifty step-by-step photos.  But here's how I did it.
*Zebra napkins - larger size (Target)
*Pink poster board (Dollar Tree)
*Black pre-cut letters (Dollar Tree)
*Masking tape
I started by cutting my napkins into triangles, all the same size using one as a guide.  The fold was at the top so they were double layered.  I cut enough to spell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."  Then I used a cup we had around the house to trace my circle and cut out 13 hot pink poster board circles.  Easy.
The letters were already pre-cut which was a huge time saver!  And remember?  I'm not crafty. 
I had my napkins, circles, and letters all together and then Friday night I assembled the banner.  Ryan's mom had masking tape and that worked well.  Ryan even helped!  He taped the circles onto the napkin triangles and I taped the letters onto the circles.  This isn't hard stuff folks.
Then I needed to string it together.  I had some leftover white ribbon that worked perfectly.  I used a 3-hole punch to punch 2 evenly spaced holes in the tops of the triangles and then strung my ribbon through the back of each one of them.  We were worried when we went to hang it that the letters might all scrunch together but once we taped the ends to the mantel, I arranged them all and they stayed that way! 
The finished product~

I was so proud of this!  The whole thing probably cost me about $5.00 to make so for a birthday banner, that's not bad!  And the good news?  It's still in tact so if you're planning a pink, black, or zebra party and want to use it, just let me know =)


katebradley said...

Pinned it! That looks awesome. And $5 is so cheap for a banner. Happy Birthday to Karlyn!

Kati said...

Aw, thanks Kate! That's cool you pinned it! :>

I was thinking, you could use this idea and change it up with different napkins, poster board colors, etc. I guess you could use scrap book paper instead of poster board too!