Pre-turkey Weekend

I'm behind on blogging.  Shocker.  Oh well.  I really don't think I'll ever be a consistent everyday-er.  I mean, I did it that one month but realistically, twice a week would be good!
Anyways, this weekend has been really nice.  I'm not sure why but the days have seemed long.  Like I'll look at the clock and think wow, only 2:00 PM!  We still have a lot of day left!  There are some days lately and I think it's the older I get, where around that same time in the afternoon, I think OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO SLEEP TONIGHT.  I heart my bed. 
So...just about 5 weeks to Christmas.  I think I am done buying for Karlyn's birthday and Christmas (thanks zulily!)  Seriously though ya'll, I've got to stay off that site.  Yeah right.  But anyways, I really should not open the app again until next year.  For one thing, shipping takes a while so anything I ordered much past now might not make it in time.  And for another, I've spent enough.  But I think I did good and got her some fun toys and cute clothes.  (I shopped other places as well, Target, Costco.)  I may have also picked out a couple items for myself.  Friday night I spied these cute cognac brown (how the heck do you say that word?) boots that were originally $100.00...on sale for $35.00!  Yes, please.  Hubby was like, sure get em!  Love when that man is in a good mood.  Kidding  :>  Then...I found a coat.  It's wool, and blue, and I really hope it fits!  I've been wanting a nice solid coat for a few years now.  The retail price supposedly was $325.00 and zulily had it for $99.00.  It's a Christmas present!  So you see now why I need to stop.  Like yesterday.

So our weekend.  Friday afternoon I got this weird out-of-nowhere burst of energy and decided to scrub my tub and shower.  Way overdue and luckily Karlyn was in the mood to rest in her bed while I cleaned.  We ate pizza and chilled.  Saturday the cleaning continued...I even mopped the bathroom!  Clearly getting out of control.  Then we had to trek back up to our home away from home: the pediatrician.  Friday night Karlyn coughed and coughed and I was up trying everything.  Turns out she had another ear infection and a slight touch of bronchitis.  Oh goody.  More amoxycillin and praise God because she will actually take that medicine without a fight.  Win for momma.  We also got the name and number of a pediatric ENT.  :-(  Boo.  So I'm supposed to call and set up that visit to see what they say.
We visited Nona and Papa after the dr visit, I bought groceries, and then we just chilled some more.  Oh, and Ryan started feeling cruddy sometime late last week also but he decided to be strong and forgo the docor.  They spent some couch time together.

That brings us to today.  I cried for a minute during the video at church they played after the sermon.  It was about getting ready to give in December to World Missions and was narrated by a doctor who volunteers in...I can't even remember where!  Some country.  Anyways, it showed an 18 month old baby boy lying in the hospital with pneumonia.  The doctor said he didn't think the boy would make it.  Why did I cry?  Obviously because it was sad.  But it just made me think of my own daughter and all the sickness we've gone through and how easy it is for me to make an appointment with a doctor two minutes away, drive another two minutes to pick up a prescription, and go home knowing she's mostly likely going to recover and go on living.  We really just have no idea what some people go through.  It makes me happy to give to World Missions and know that our money is being used by those who are willing to GO and serve.
Phew.  We had roast today.  My first time to make it in the crock pot.  I threw in the meat, onion, carrots, potatoes, green beans, and the seasoning packet + water.  It was delicious and the best part was that lunch was ready the minute we walked in the door...no other prep neccessary!  Can we do that every week?  Ryan watched football.  ALL. DAY.  Karlyn and I did go for a 20 minute stroller walk in which tears were shed because the crepe myrtles are no longer growing flowers.  Sad day.  We found a big leaf instead.  Tears tried up.  I do what I can.

Karlyn was so funny today.  I'm going to do a separate post on the hilarious things she's been saying but here's a few pics from this afternoon.


she sets up her own little daycare...another post, another day

random self photo that turned out ok :)

she's into crawling on furniture

that's the face I know
I'm looking forward to this week of thanksgiving.  Spending time with both families and eating lots of yumminess.  I'm in charge of making a gluten free dessert for Ryan's side (his grandmother and dad) and I think I'm going to make this.
If you've made it through this marathon post, congrats.  Happy short work week!
P.S. My throat feels funny.  Please, no!


Amanda said...

Love the coat! The roast looks so yummy and that gorgeous girl of yours is so precious in the red dress! Can't wait to celebrate her!

The Killough's said...

I am glad she got to feeling better on Sunday! Even though I loved holding her all morning, she was so sad an pitiful!