Just a few things

Hey Peeps!
Just a few things for ya...
Have you made these yet?  You should.  Because I'm working on my 2nd pan as we speak...
I'm also going to whip this up for dinner.  I say whip like it's easy when actually I remember this recipe being quite time consuming.  Joy.  Where is my personal chef when I need her?  But seriously, it's gooood.
TODAY IS ELECTION DAY!  Have you voted
I love a good giveaway.  In fact, I thought the other day that I want to host one for Christmas.  I just need to come up with something to give.  Anyhoo, the Mom Diggity is having a giveaway right now!  Go check it out!  You can even watch the video to see this cool new baby product in action.  I'm thinking these would come in super handy with an infant.
What else?
Oh yeah, I hate waiting.  Anyone?  Anyone?  There are some things I'm OK waiting for.  These include:
Summer.  A jury duty summons.  Monday mornings.  Summer
But yeah.  The good part is that time keeps on ticking.  Before you know it the waiting's over.  And then you get to wait some more. :-)
Ok, I've got a lot to do.  Or maybe a nap.  I'll leave you with a pic of miss thing in her new coat.  Diva.


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Josh and Shan said...

I love her coat!! I want one for myself!