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I hope you weren't expecting some well thought out post here.  I'm just going to link to an article my husband showed me.  :-)  I liked it.  So I'm sharing it here.  Read it, don't read it, agree, don't agree.  Whatever.
I can't pretend that I know anything about politics or that I try to keep up with what's going on in the world.  I'm usually pretty content to just hang out with my family, eat some ice cream, and read my Health magazine on any given night.  Wait, do those last two contradict?  But Ryan's all over it.  He watches Bill, Hannity, and who knows what else.  He's been super amped about this election and super worried at the same time.
We've watched all the debates together and sometimes I'll even try to throw out an intelligent question.  Not usually.  The debates were cool to watch though at times!  Of couse we voted.  This was my second time to vote and I'm thankful for the chance to fill out a ballot.  I know I probably should pay more attention to all things government so maybe that will be a New Year's Resolution...some year.  So I'm not going to ramble on about anything much but I do like this guy's perspective.
Tomorrow night will be interesting, that's for sure.  History in the making!  Here is the link~

50,000 Feet Looking Down

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Luanne said...

thanks for sharing the article - i needed it!