Sweet Potato Brownies

I'm a brownie lover.  But I finally realized there are some healthier alternatives to buying a box of Duncan Hines.  Thankfully, food blogs are the best way to find and try out some tasty chocolate recipes!  You usually get pictures and can read through the comments to see what other readers thought and what changes they made to the recipe. 
We had baked sweet potatoes with our Sunday lunch and had one left over so I started searching for recipes using Google that used sweet potato and coconut flour.  I finally landed on this one and thought it sounded yummy!
I followed the recipe to a tee but used regular old Tom Thumb honey instead of raw. =)  I probably could have cooked them just a tad bit longer because when I went to cut them after cooling a while, they were kinda gooey.  An extra five minutes might have helped.

Wanna see?

The best part ~ Licking the bowl


These were pretty simple to throw together and I love that the bulk of the recipe is wholesome healthy sweet potato!  I used 60% giradhelli chocolate chips.  These are definitely not as bread or cake like as a brownie but are very moist.  Longer baking time and/or more coconut flour might help but I wouldn't add too much more.  Try these brownies if you're up for something new!  Perfectly sweet tasting and indulgent.


Karoline said...

Those look delicious! I'll have to make them sometime. :)

Andrea C. said...

mmm....brownies! Now maybe I won't have to feel so bad if I eat the whole pan...

Brianne said...

Yum! I'll have to give these a try!

Kati said...

Karoline - make them!

Andrea - yes, you can definitely eat the whole pan! Health food :)

Brianne, you would like them!