Resale love & Mexican dinner

I get stuck in a rut too easily of making us the same boring things for dinner...ground beef, some form of potatoes, veggies.  I've been branching out lately since my recent steps away from strict Paleo (more on that!) but still trying to find gluten free recipes that taste good.  Enter: corn tortillas!  I really don't love wheat or flour tortillas so this switch was easy for me.  I saw this recipe on Pinterest a few nights ago and made sure I bought ingredients to make it.  Bonus = my toddler loved it!  Score.
I know Ryan's going to like it too!  He's a big fan of mexican food.  This was super creamy, messy enchilada goodness.  I forgot the cilantro!

Recipe here~

This will be easy to add into our dinner rotation.

I took a trip to our local children's resale shop today called Kid-to-Kid.  I stinkin LOVE that place!  I have found everything there from shoes to clothes, from toys to maternity wear.  I took a sack today of some clothes and a few toys and was hoping for cash or store credit to get Karlyn some Fall/Winter church dresses.  I was in luck!  They gave me $24.00 of store credit for my items plus an extra $5.00 for spending more than $30 and signing up for updates via text message.
I found the cutest dresses for Karlyn and one of them was even brand new with the tags on!  Here's the loot I got for $29 store credit + $24.00 cash.
Tommy Hilfiger on the left ~ Brand new on the right!

Christmas Dress?!  I love it.

NEW turtleneck, like new scarf & hat set, 2 books, and a in great condition black diaper bag.
Woot!  I am my mother's daughter and love not paying full price for things...and buying used instead of new if I can.  We have a diaper bag but it's almost two years old now and is looking pretty worn.  For $15.00, I liked the look of this one and it should see us through another year.  I think I'm going to save the books and hat/scarf for someone's b-day. :>
Do you like re-sale shops?  Kids grow out of clothes and shoes too darn quick so I love the Kid-to-Kid concept.  I'll probably take more of Karlyn's clothes in the Spring!


katebradley said...

LOVE resale shops! Is there a store called Clothes Mentor out in your area? It's the adult women's store that is in the same family as Plato's Closet and Once Upon a Child. I've been to the one out in Highland Village and they have really nice stuff.

Amanda said...

Love the Christmas Dress!

Kati said...

Kate, I have been to Clothes Mentor before in Plano but I need to go again! Thanks for the reminder :)

Kati said...

Amanda, thanks! It caught my eye :>