Fall Festival

I really wanted today to be fun!  I had heard that a local outdoor mall was having a Fall Festival for the kiddos and thought Karlyn would have a good time there.  Turns out, those things really aren't geared for almost 2 year olds.  :-0  It didn't help that we forgot the stroller and had to carry her a lot.  OR that it was unseasonably warm hot. 

I had heard there would be bounce houses, face painting, a petting zoo, and pony rides.  Perfect!  We hit up the ponies first.  I asked her if she wanted to ride one and she said no.  I should have listened.  We get up there and I started to set her on one...I of course was going to hold her there and walk along side.  OH NO.  The child had a total conniption come-apart fit and was not having it.  After a few quick tries, we quickly exited the area.

Next up, petting zoo!  She wasn't as terrified here but still unsure.  She recognized the ducks and bunnies. :>  They had some cows, donkeys and goats too.  And chickens and a pig!

Then we got a tattoo...sticker.  No real face painting.  Oh well.

After that, we kept being told by the different bounce people that she was too small for their house.  Um, sorry people, I'm letting my kid bounce.  I just stuck her in myself and she loved it!  Thankfully she wasn't trampled. =)
Karlyn can say "fire truck" so I thought she might like seeing the one they had there too.  She wouldn't touch that pony but she would sit inside the truck and let them shut the door.  Silly girl!

After that we got brave enough to finally touch the bunny. 

We were hot and tired so it was off to Yogurtland!  My sister and two of my brothers came out to see Karlyn and joined us.

Two parents trying to salvage the day.

Still love my girl...scared of animals or not!  (My mom tells me I was the same way)  I know we have plenty of years ahead where she'll be better able to participate.  I love making memories with her all the same!

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Amanda said...

Love the pigtails! At least you know that she won't be asking for a pony anytime soon :)