Just a spoonful of...

Ever had a day when all you do is eat?
Ever had a day when all you do is eat sugar?
I feel like all I've done today is stuff copious amounts of carbohydrates down my throat.  And chocolately things.  And I just. can't. stop.  Ah the life of a female.
In more pressing news, I need toddler help.  What is this new "almost-2" phase we've entered?  I don't know what to do with it.  She's waking up at odd hours with loud crying saying "get up! get up!"  throwing her version of a mild fit which includes foot stomping and prone laying, and grinning at me when I attempt a disciplinary tap on her leg. 
Ya'll, I need spanking lessons.  Or something.  I've yet to come up with anything severe enough to produce the desired outcome of stopping whatever behavior I've asked her to stop.  It's not a frequent thing, we're just entering this new phase I guess. 
We still need to potty train.  I have no idea when I should move her into a toddler bed.  A lady at the daycare told me a lot of people move them around 1 year old.  Ha!  Yeah right!  Seriously?  But is 2 a good age?  She's learning so much and saying more and more.
"That's daddy's towel."
"Mommy sleepy?"
"Get up mommy!  Stop it daddy!"  :-0
We kind of look at each other and think, ok, was that discipline worthy or do we just keep laughing?  I don't know if the waking up thing at night is a habit she picked up during her ear infection...hurting...or what.  She goes back to sleep in our bed which is NOT a good thing to do but at 2:00 in the morning, it's hard to make that call.  Grandmother is calling for some tough love and stick-to-it-ness!
Moms: when did you move your baby out of their crib?  When did you start disciplining in a more formal way?  I'm going to mull all this over while I grab another cookie.

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Andrea C. said...

I'm still working on the sleeping in the crib thing so I'm of no help to you...but I will help you eat a cookie. :)