Pumpkin Patch 2012

So we didn't even plan to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend; it just kind of happened!  Ryan and I got out to run some errands while Karlyn stayed with his parents.  These days, that counts as a date.  :)  We got his truck tire repaired, went and VOTED! and then had lunch at the classy Taco Bueno.  I tried their new chicken, rice, and bean bowl...not bad.  It dawned on me that the weather was perfect for pumpkin pics so I grabbed the camera before we left.  We picked up Karlyn and then headed down to the patch we went to last year when she was a mere 10 months old.  Sob, sob.
The weather was perfect and she had fun running around finding pumpkins to sit on.  Her super cute shoes wouldn't stay on and she got hay all over herself.  She wasn't scared of the scare-crows like last year and I was a lot less crazy but normal first time mom stressed over getting the "perfect" shot, so we just had fun.

Daddy and Me

This looks like a good one

So many...I can't decide!

Perfect "sitting" pumpkin!

Girl on the go

Hmm...not as comfy

A new friend

The Ivey's!

After we took our pictures, we walked back through the patch trying to pick out a few we wanted.  This was quite the process which is silly actually...me circling the pallets trying to pick out the best perfectly round orange pumpkin.  With a stem, for Ryan. :-)  Finally we got a big daddy pumpkin, a medium bumpy momma pumpkin, and some little baby pumpkins.  We might try to carve the big one later today.  We'll see!

Here are the pumpkin pics from last Fall...what a difference a year makes!

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Andrea C. said...

Two things, her shoes are stinkin adorable and the shot her kissing the scarecrow is priceless!