Joining the Club

I really had no idea.  Color me a first time mom but I wasn't aware that there were certain things one must do with their kids every Fall.  I don't remember one single time participating in this as a child myself but apparently the rules have changed.  And one of those rules states:
"Thou shalt take thy first born child (and any consecutive siblings) out to a spot which has been designated to be a PUMPKIN PATCH and thou shalt peruse the patch looking for adorable photo ops, during which your child will neither smile for you or look at the camera."

Hmpft.  Well, I did it.  We did it.  Saturday the Ivey's headed out on what turned out to be an extensive search for a Toy Story costume for a certain someone.  Another story in itself.  But if I was going to be dragged around on this last minute, procrastination at its finest mission, then we were certainly going to stop and take these pumpkin patch pictures. 

After all.  I wanted to be a good mom and ya know, join the club.  The secret, elusive, all moms take their kids to pumpkin patches club.  And it was October 29th.

So here are the best ones! 

Now do I get some kind of certificate or what?!

*Oh.  And I wrote this post in jest.  You are in no way not a good mom if you haven't visited your local patch ;-)


Josh and Shan said...

Love love love all of the pictures!! I could just squish her up!

The Young's said...

haha.. I completely got your jest ;)

We didn't do that this year. I have a hard time seeing that a 3 month old would care..haha. But yeah, you DO feel like you're out of the loop or something, or a bad parent if you don't do this! oh well- maybe next year!

She is so precious!!

Karoline said...

Aw these are adorable! love them:)

The Norvells said...

So cute! I completely get your jest. At least your child can sit up on her own. I had to prop my kid up against all kinds of uncomfortable hay stacks, benches, and lumpy pumpkins to get my mom certificate.

Jess@atasteofconfidence said...

So cute. I'll mail your certificate right away:)