Sleep Talks and Hair Cuts

So I mentioned the other day that Karlyn has been waking up at night.  Well she still is.  I was talking this over with my mother who told me I need to stick to my guns and make her stay in her bed.  She said you can't reason with a 2 year old at 2:00 in the morning but that it would be a good idea for me to start talking to her in the afternoons about it.
Yesterday we had a conversation that went like this.
Me: "Karlyn, tonight you have to sleep in your bed alllll night.  You can't sleep in mommy and daddy's bed."
Her: "Oook."
Me:  "Now I trust this issue has been cleared up and we won't have to revisit this." 
Her.  "Yeah."
I was kidding people.  :-)
Anyhoo, I really didn't think it had sunk in.  She went over to Ryan's parents for a few hours after our conversation and Sharon said on the way home Karlyn was in her carseat saying, "I sleep in my bed allll night tonight."  Over and over.
But like I said, she still woke up and was crying.  I went in there and it was seriously the hardest thing ever to not get her up.  I stood by her and patted her tummy and let her cry.  I went in there again about 10 minutes later.  Finally she went back to sleep, in her bed.  Ryan was getting her dressed this morning and she said, "I sleep in my bed allll night."  Hmmm.  We'll see how tonight goes.  It's tiring!
Let's talk about hair now.  Everyone is cutting their hair!  I had two mom friends just tonight chop theirs off and it looks great on them!  Normally I would be quick to jump on the bandwagon but I have pretty much always had short-ish hair.  The longest it's been (exluding a very awful long hair-cut in my youth) was when I grew it out for our wedding.  I've always wanted long hair and gosh darn it I am determined to have it!  My sister Karoline's hair is super long right now and it looks so pretty on her.  I guess I have pretty much been growing mine ever since I had Karlyn.  It was super short then. 
And P.S.  DON'T by any means get the urge to cut your hair while pregnant and go to someone you've never been to before.  Shoot me.  It was awful yet somehow I survived.

So here's my hair at its shortest over two years ago.

And here it is now.  Curly & Straight.

I have to admit.  I'm tempted a lot to cut it again!  I've told myself I want to have it long for my next baby so hopefully that will be sometime in the not so distant future!

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