21 Months

This is 10 days late but hey, better late...you know the drill.
My baby girl is 21 months old!  And going on the terrible two's two.

I love her so stinkin much even though lately she's begun to express her little wishes and will in some not-so-cute ways. 
Here's what you're up to Karlyn Kaye~
You sleep from around 8:00/8:30 each night until 7:00 in the morning.  Although the last two mornings you've been up at 6:00.  Let's not do that ok?  Daddy gets you dressed each morning and brushes your hair and teeth.  If you're lucky.  I feed you a little bit even though you eat at school too because mommy isn't fond of you having straight up carbs for breakfast.  You love eggs!
I'm so proud of you because you are going into daycare so well now and not crying when I leave.  You can say your teacher's names and some of your friend's names too.  You are always happy to see me when I pick you up in the afternoon!  You nap each day now at school for two hours and seem to do well on that schedule.
In the afternoons we eat a snack and play, read books, and watch your "show."  We'll sometimes go for a walk in the stroller and soon it's time for dinner.  After that, you play some more, have a bath, and head to bed before we do it all over again!


You got on this hilarious kick where you wanted to play in and wear the clean laundry.  It was quite a sight.
You are wearing size 2T clothes and a size 6-7 shoe.  I think you weigh about 30 lbs... You love to set up a diaper station for your baby dolls and puppy dog and also put them to sleep.  This consists of laying them face down, covering them with a blanket, and patting them on the back.  :-)  This has kept you busy for hours before.  You love for us to read you books and say "read again" as soon as we finish one.  You love to get stickers.  And then take them right off.  You love to eat.  You know when daddy gets home.  You give sweet kisses and hugs and you pat us on the back.

You've said some pretty funny stuff lately. 
"Do push-ups baby."  (this was said to your doll because mommy was doing them)
"A go walk in stroller...I need flowers."  lol.  One time I pulled you off some crepe myrtle flowers and now you think you need them.
"A beans mama."  No we're not having beans for breakfast.  "A pasta?!"  :>
Karlyn you have a sweet heart but a strong little spirit is also emerging.  You want to sit in the big chair at the table and have a meltdown if you can't.  You get upset if you're trying to organize something and it messes up...this just happened with the crayons.  Brushing your teeth can be a battle.  You're learning to say "no!."

You no longer have a pacifier during the day, only to sleep at night!  Yay!  You also sleep with a blanket, teddy bear, and lamb blankie.  You like to lay on the couch on Saturday mornings and watch Sprout TV.  You love to play outside and you're beginning to enjoy coloring...or making marks on paper.

Your favorite foods are: grapes, yogurt with strawberries, olives and turkey (daddy thinks this is disgusting) avocado, pasta, cheese, cereal, and almond milk to drink.
You sing all the time!  ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, No More Monkeys.  We love your sweet little voice.  You can also make a lot of animal sounds.  Cow, Horse, Duck, Turkey, Monkey, Lion, Doggy, Cat.
We love you so much goober girl and can't believe that you will soon be TWO!  That is just too hard for mommy to wrap her head around.  I wish you could stay my little baby forever...but without the waking up at night part.
Happy 21 Months!

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