"To Buy" List

So.  Today I made a ridiculous "to-do" list while at work.  I do this frequently where I'll just jot down the 5 million things I have to do as they pop into my head.  It's filled with super important things like:
  • plan dinner
  • get birthday card for Karoline
  • buy toilet paper
Yeah.  Because potty training is definitely like a "task" that I can just "do" one day.  In my dreams.
Anyhoo.  My good intentions quickly dwindle when I sit down at the computer, log on to facebook, and see that Tropical Traditions is offering FREE shipping today!  I browse around there and order some coconut oil.  Then I check my e-mail.  The Children's Place is also handing out free shipping AND they're having a mystery event with 20-40% off.  Sheesh.  What's a mom to do?
I picked out 4 pairs of leggings and 1 long sleeved tee.  Size 2T please.  Sniff, sniff.  Cute stuff!  The leggings are grey, black with silver hearts, denim, and pink stripes, and the shirt is pink.  All for under $25.  And then I signed up for a Place card too...since I was on a roll. 
Husband, please don't read this.
Now I have to get back to my list.  And off the computer!

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad you get to potty train Karlyn before I have to potty train Mallory so you can tell me the do's and dont's :) I may need to look at The Children's Place website ... thanks for sharing!