Yay! A new blog!

Here is my new favorite site!  Blog! (click above)  This kind of stuff makes me giddy :)

If you try to get in touch with me and can't, I'm probably perusing!

It's about to get crazy up in here.  I stayed up past my bedtime last night (10:00) throwing a multitude of bathroom products away that contained parabens.  Read up on them...crazy stuff.  Sodium laureth sulfate?  Preservatives... I've heard some of this stuff before but more recently it's like a light bulb has clicked on with me.  Natural.  Well.  Whole.  That's what I want.  That's what I want for Karlyn and Ryan.  Not perfect, just the best we can do.  And right now a whole lot of junk needs to be replaced.  I'm going with this energy and I'm so stinkin excited.  What good does it do to try to clean up my diet if I'm just going to slather myself with chemicals?  Hmmm.

Watch out.  I may just turn into that crazy lady who makes things from beeswax and doesn't shampoo.  =)


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