A drooly 4th

I don't know what is going on with my child.  But it's something. 

We're drooling.  We're stuffy-nosed.  We're a little croupy.  We're not eating.  And we're most certainly, definitely not napping.

I knew there was the chance she'd come down with something, starting at a new daycare but she was sneezing even a few days before that began.  My gut feeling is teething because of the drool.  She never drools!  And she doesn't eat either when that's happening.  So we try to sleep, out of the bed, try to eat, out of the chair.

We went on an almost 20 minute walk ealier but it's so dang hot already.  I also cleaned out my pantry a little and made a most unconventional 4th of July dish.

Sweeet Potato Chocolate Pudding ~ via Pinterest

My picture wasn't near as pretty

You can find the recipe here!  I nixed the walnuts.  And Kar wasn't a fan.  But I thought it was pretty good!  Ya know, for "pudding" made out of sweet potatoes.

The rest of today I plan to clean my bedroom, organize my closet, grill out with my in-laws, and read Mockingjay.  I'm half way through and am determined to finish it!

Happy 4th of July!

I truly am grateful to those who have served and currently serve to keep our country free.

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