Pot Luck Friday

We're gonna try this.  We meaning me.  I know I've tried to do "Friday" posts in the past with little success.  I'm never one to stop trying though. :>

Here's a smorgasborg of Friday goodies for ya!  With none of the casserole aftertaste.

  • Looking to give your kids an immune boost?  9 easy ways.

  • These brownies are pretty much awesome.  Not paleo but they are gluten free.  Take them out promptly after 20 minutes.  I'm about to about x-nay the chocolate so I made one final pan.  :(

  • This "No-Poo" (horrible name) idea really has my interest piqued.  Am I crazy?

  • Last but certainly not least, please go order this book.  Like yesterday.  Amazon has it for under $15.00!  That's a small price to pay for LIFE CHANGING words.

Happy, Healthy Friday :>

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