Saturday Things

My check engine light came on yesterday which is totally super since it's only been a few weeks since we shelled out hundreds of dollars to fix the fuel pump.  Fun!  I didn't sleep well last night so I just caught a cap nap on the couch while my child took a morning nap.  I no longer take these for granted.  Oh glorious day when she takes 2 naps!!!  Speaking of, we're lowering her crib today.  After 18 months, I finally saw that leg try to hike itself over last night.  No ma'am.  :-)

Ryan is helping his sister Ashley move today.  She's getting married this month!  And Karlyn is supposed to walk down the aisle.  It oughta be interesting.  Hopefully she'll do it. 

We have no real productive plans this weekend other than that which is nice.  I also experimented with a paleo muffin-ish recipe this morning that kinda flopped and tasted egg-y but Karlyn likes them and they're actually growing on me.

I'm ready for Fall.  Who's with me?!

P.S.  I'm thinking about doing a giveaway. . .


katebradley said...

At a wedding we went to someone was waiting at the front of the aisle with a container of cookies to give the ring bearer as soon as he walked down the aisle. Maybe you could try that with Karlyn?

Kati said...

Ha. That would probably work! Or I could just hold out her paci ;>