Girls Date and Sea Spray!

Ryan rarely travels for work but this past Friday he got the chance to go with a co-worker to Minnesota for the day.  Karlyn and I got home yesterday after work and a doctor's appointment and after washing the dishes that just won't go away (yes, the dishwasher is still broken) I was in a pickle.  I was hungry but didn't want to cook.  Duh.  More dishes.  But I felt too lazy to go eat somewhere.  And...we were still two hours out from a little girl's bedtime and... there's only so much Sprout tv I can watch.  We put on our shoes and headed to McAllister's.  I love that place!  It's so much better to me than Jason's deli.  I got a huge chef's salad and ordered a side of mac'n'cheese for Kar.  It gave me some energy and was delicious!

What girl's night out is complete without a trip to Target?  I could live at that store.  I originally went in for the following item:

nail polish

But I left with the following items:

nail polish remover, a spray bottle, two pairs of little girl shoes - on clearance!, one pair of big girl shoes - on clearance!, and - the nail polish. =)

Are those shoes not adorable?!  Seriously.  I got two pairs for her for the price of one, or less!  We took some pics in the booth after we ate.  Love her.

So I needed the spray bottle for a specific use.  I ran across something on Pinterest that I actually decided to make.  I had all the ingredients for it so I thought, hey, why not?  The "recipe" comes from this site and I. AM. IN. LOVE.!  I mixed it all up in my new handy dandy spray bottle, wet my hair in the shower, sprayed away, and then diffused with my dryer.  Wanna see???

I even used it again this morning after brushing it out and sleeping on it last night.  I sprayed some on dry hair and just scrunched with my fingers before running to the store.  Ryan liked it :>  It's VERY inexpensive to make and you know what's in it.  I have a feeling this is going to be my summer/I'm running late for work/it's too dang hot/go to hairstyle.  My hair was also not freshly washed the first time I used it.  I think that helps, as does a diffuser.  But try it without too!

I loaded a new app on my phone a while back and finally played around with it this morning.  It's called, "Pic Collage" and is so fun.  I made the above picture using it and the one below.  The nail polish I picked out at Target is one I had seen a friend wear on facebook and I really like this brand.  It went on well and the color makes me happy. :-)

It was an unexpected fun Friday night!

Bonus: my father-in-law came over today and finished repairing my bathroom sink/faucet.  Hooray!  I now owe him a pan of gluten-free brownies.

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