18 Months!

I can't let this slip by.  Karlyn turned 18 months this past Saturday.  It was kinda cool too because we went and visited our friends Michael and Andrea up at Baylor to see their new son Grayson.  So exactly 18 months ago, we were up at the very same hospital having our baby!  P.S. Grayson is super cute and super tiny.  He was born 6 weeks early and is doing so well and will hopefully get to go home soon. :-)

Karlyn got to spend her 1 1/2 year birthday with my mom and brothers and sister.  She had a fun day that included chocolate milk at Chic-fil-a and her first ride on the mall carousel.  Grandmother said she LOVED it and of course told the horses "bye" when it was over.

I didn't feel like doing an all-out photo shoot so I tried to snap some pics with my phone.  The little booger didn't want to smile but she's still stinking cute.  In fact, she's pretty much the cutest kid I've ever laid eyes on!

Karlyn, at 18 months, here's what you're up to.

You love to "eat supper?" (which can mean any meal), read your "bik" (book), play outside, watch your show, tell the dog, "hush Dodgey!" (you might have heard me say this...)  You've also just recently started saying "hed you, hed you?" (which means you want me to hold you)  AND, after all these months of saying "huh huh" for YES, you now say "yeah."  It's so cute! 

Did you have a good day?  Yeah.  ;-)

Your favorite foods are: avocado, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, fruit, and usually whatever else I come up with.  You're still drinking milk and I try to get some water in you too.  You sleep every night from around 8:00/8:30 to 7:00ish in the morning although you've had a night here and there lately where you'll wake up.  It's crazy.  I don't even want to remember those nights of you waking up on a regular basis.  I'm so spoiled by your good sleep habits!

You wear size 2T clothing pretty much with some 18-24 month scattered in there.  You wear a size 6ish shoe and a size 5 diaper although you could probably still wear a 4.  You'll say, "shoes off, shoes off mama?!"

     You still use a pacifier when you nap and sleep at night but that's going away by 2.  You got it? :>  I'm too lazy to attempt to take it away right now.  We're hoping to begin potty traning for real soon but I'm not worried - I know you'll pick it up fast when you're ready.  You're becoming a little parrot and I have to watch what I say...like telling the dog to "shut-up!"..."shush up, shush up."  Woops.

    Or saying that your diaper is nasty.  "Nassis!"  :)

    I never say shut-up for the record.  We weren't "allowed" to say it growing up and it's just not in my vocabulary.  Except for that one time when the dog needed to be muzzled.

    You're all over the house getting into things so I'm always closing doors.  You get so giddy to go to the park that you literally beat your chest with your fists.  You sing parts and tunes to "ABC'S" and "E,I,E,I,O." And then you mix it all together.

    Karlyn, you light up my life and your daddy's.  We can't believe your 2nd year is flying by this quickly and we're having so much fun with you.  Promise me you'll stay my sweet little baby!

    Happy 18 Months!


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