Backyard Fun

Karlyn loves to play outside.  As attached as she is to her "show," if you ask her if she wants to go play outside, a huge grin spreads on her face and she starts telling everything bye.  Yes, every thing.

"Bye Dodger!"  "Bye Da Da!"  Bye show!"  The child tells her show goodbye.  The very first time she did this was a few weeks ago when we were getting ready to leave for her sitters.  I was rounding stuff up and asked her if she was ready to go.  She was and then I hear this little voice..."Bye Dodger!"  Ok, that's normal.  "Bye show!"  Karlyn!  No one tells a show bye.  That little girl loves her Sprout tv and possibly to her detriment I allow her to watch it.  Not all day or anything, but usually when we get home after work and I need to decompress make dinner.  She cracks me up though.  The other day I cracked the windows before getting us out of the car and she said "Bye 'side!"  (Bye outside.)   =)

So when my mother-in-law told me she'd bought Karlyn an outside toy, I knew right away she would love it. 

How cute is that?!  She loves to try to walk up the slide too which she's surprisingly good at.  I want to get her a few more things out there too.  Sharon found this off Craig's List.  I think some kind of sprinkler/water toy would be fun so I'll keep my eye out for that.  I'm so glad my daugther is not afraid of grass like her mother was as a baby.  Sad but true.

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