It's raining babies

My friend Lindy is having a baby girl!  Name undecided as of yet :>  She's due in July and I threw her a baby shower on Sunday, May 20th.  I am NOT a professional shower giver/party planner but I did the best I could and was pleased with how it turned out.  Thankfully I had some help with the food but most of it was done by mua.  Excuse the weird balloon "decoration" I attempted above the food table.  I had high hopes and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it looked better in person.

We had a very nice turnout and she got some adorable baby gifts.  And there was food left over.  Hurrah!  I left my house that morning at 10:00 and got home at 6:00 so while a fun day indeed, it was a long one and I'm pretty sure I slept like a rock that night.  I can't wait to meet baby Bowles!

 Lindy and I go way back and have been friends since we were about 14 years old.  We played basketball and ran cross-country together, spent many nights at each other's house, and learned to drive together.  We have about a million pics like the one right above from high school and we're pretty much experts at taking them.  We proved the day of the shower that we still have mad self-portrait taking skills!

P.S. The bar looking items on the green tray in the food pics are Carmelitas that I made using this recipe from Pinterest.  Please make them.  And then thank me.  Profusely.  Let's just say that there were about a dozen left over and within 3 days post-shower, they were all gone.  Ryan probably ate two. 

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Andrea C. said...

Looks like it was a beautiful shower!