Pink Potties and Minute Meals

It's hard to believe but Karlyn will be 16 months next week.  I haven't pushed her to do anything early (ok, I probably weaned her too soon but lesson learned.)  I have been thinking about potty training though!  She looks SO big laying on her changing mat on top of her dresser and I feel like she really does pick up on things quickly.  And hey, who doesn't want to save money by buying less diapers?  I really haven't read anything at all on the subject.  Maybe I'll just wing it. ;>

So you can buy the kiddie potty or you can get the Dora/Princess/CARS kiddie toilet seat to put on the big toilet.  I thought the 2nd option sounded better...and uh...less gross.  Then I went to Target.  Why do they have to make those little toilets look so cute??!  Seriously.  I walked out with this.

It plays music for goodness sake!!!!!

You cannot tell me that isn't cute.  Better yet?  It came fully assembled.  Karlyn had already had a bath tonight when she got home so before bed I let her sit on it a minute.  She even said, "tee-tee!"  lol.  Sorry, tmi.  I promise not to get gross on here about this.  She didn't do anything and I would have been shocked if she did.  My plan is just to introduce her to it slowly.  And the cool thing about this one (besides the MUSIC) is that you can take the lid off and place it on the big toilet...then it becomes a step stool!  I've heard some kids do better with the little potty and some like the big one right away so this will give us options.

As you can see, I'm a little excited.  I know she's still my baby though.  But sometimes she seems so big.  I'm going to have to start smooshing her. . .

Minute Meals

Sometimes I can't think of what to give Karlyn for dinner, or lunch on the weekends.  It's easy if we have leftovers but since I'm not cooking as much now, we usually don't.  So I'll just make up a meal that can literally be served to her in minutes!  Or a minute.  One.  Whatever.


  1. Diced Avocado
  2. Halved cherrry tomatoes
  3. Ham deli meat (she didn't love this)
  4. Raisins
  5. Quartered hard-boiled egg
  6. A few tortilla chip pieces
Basically, whatever I can think of that she likes.  And I try to make sure that it's mostly healthy.  She loves avocado!  Other ideas:

Rice cakes with peanut butter and raisins (messy!) - beans - cheese - grapes

I'm trying to branch out with her toddler foods but sometimes I get stuck.  What are your faves?

And do you have any WONDERFUL potty training advice for me? =)


Jan said...

Well, I read The Help 50 years too late. Fortunately, SP had her Granny. I'd guess your Mom has lots of stories to relate. You're such a good mom, I think Karlyn will be fine. And she IS Very Smart.

Lindsey said...

That's the same potty we have for Eleina! :-) She loved it, especially when it sang. :-)

The Norvells said...

re potty training: I have a friend who has successfully trained both of her boys (and they are way harder then girls to train apparently) in one week. Her trick? Commit to a week of not leaving the house. She picks a target week on the calendar and they don't make any appointments, play dates, etc for that whole week. The focus is purely potty training. They are in their comfort zone, her son is comfortable, there is no distraction being somewhere else, and they go to the potty every two hours, regardless of if they need to go. The first two days it's every two hours, then she stretches it to three, and then she lets the kid tell her when they need to go. Then, he week following, they still stick close to the house, but they allow themselves to go places, but never longer than a couple of hours. She said that it is really hard to make that kind of commitment, but if you view it as "June is potty training month and nothing else" then it gets easier. And she says that with both boys she has only every had three accidents EVER. Amazing. Anyway...food for thought. good luck with your singing pot!