And more Easter!

Today was another fun day with family.  Karlyn finally got to hunt for some eggs, even if it was indoors.  Yay rain!  I decided my child was probably the only girl in the nursery with black shoes on but...we kinda ran out of time.  I had planned for her to wear this sweet little black, white, and yellow dress with some white sandals but the sandals didn't ship in time and lo and behold, after three separate store stops last night, no white shoes were to be found.  Oh well.  She still looked cute!  I tried to get her to pose by herself this morning but I got the standard, "no, no, no."  So we took individual parents pics. :)

We had a delicious lunch after church - Ryan's uncle Brian can COOK!  It was fun to watch Karlyn and Preston play together, Ryan's cousin Nicole's little boy.  We took pictures of them together last year and they've both changed so much!  Oh boy though.  We saw some interesting sides of our daugther as she proceeded to climb up the stairs and bang on the fireplace door over and over as we told her, "no!"  She's testing her limits and trying out that little self-will. :> 

Last Year:

This year!

The "hunt" produced many mouthfuls of goldfish but we managed to avoid the chocolate.  She loves those plastic eggs and likes to hold one in each hand.

We had a nice but busy weekend and I know tomorrow's going to be a killer Monday.  Bring on the week!  I'm so thankful for our little fam. 

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