Easter Weekend

Today we got together with my mom's side of the family and I'd been looking forward to it because I hadn't seen them in a while.  Karlyn was surrounded by all her uncles and aunt who constantly wanted to play with and hold her so it made for a pretty easy day for this momma.  She was so good and makes me proud. :-)  I tried to think ahead and take her chair to sit in for lunch and then we forgot the tray.  Oh well.  It still helped!

Miss Cuteness Herself
She didn't love the ears.  Side note.  Her whole outfit here is from Target.  I'm training my child up in the way she should go...as the Bible clearly commands.
She found a comfy chair once we got there.  And then threw me a courtesy smile with the ears on.  Notice though that I'm holding her arm down.

She played so hard and even though at one point I tried to lay down with her to get her to nap, she wasn't having it.  Five minutes into the car ride home though and she was out!  We got some family pics too.  Ugh.  The top I wore.  There's a silly long story about it that I won't bore you with.  But, after a bunch of indecisiveness over it, I accidentally stained it with pizza grease today and then in pics, it looks I stuffed a pillow underneath when I forgot to pull it down and straighten the belt.  Good times.  I'm no fashionista!

I finally came to the conclusion that it'll at least be a good top when I'm pregnant again one day. ha.

My sweet cousin's wives and brother's girlfriend made me feel good today when they told me that they read my blog.  Thanks!! =)  I definitely haven't been spending as much time on it since I went back to work.  I love it though.  It's a huge blessing to have such wonderful women to share life with.  I have 6 brothers too...that's going to be a LOT of sister-in-laws!  Lauren, my cousin Cameron's wife is due with their 1st precious baby and tonight they are having a gender reveal party.  I can't wait to find out.

We have roses in our backyard!  And they are gorgeous so we we decided to take some to my grandparents.  We're taking more to Ryan's side tomorrow and there's plenty more to come.  They smell AMAZING too.

They actually looked even better than this before the awful storms we had. 

Tomorrow is EASTER.  We're going to church to celebrate HIS resurrection!  I hope you'll do the same.


The Norvells said...

I love seeing pitures of your family. For some reason it makes me want to have 8 kids :>). Happy Easter!

Josh and Shan said...

You are such a good mom to introduce her to Target so early!!