Day 1, Day 2, and other Late Night Ramblings

Yes, 9:45 is late to me.  I have a 1 year old.  Make that almost 14 month old!

So I forgot to post my Eat Real day 1 blurb. 

Day 1 - Not too bad. At least I knew what I was getting into!  I started off my day with scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, onion, and peppers + fruit.  I also whipped up some sausage stuffed, bacon wrapped dates and some breakfast egg cups.  Recipes to follow =)  I really wanted something sweet while I watched tv last night but settled on some frozen banana blended with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Day 2 - Valentine's Day!  No big deal, just the holiday where gobs of chocolate is consumed by the masses.  I totally passed on a mini bundt cake at work and ate my unsalted nuts and raisins.  Go me!  Dinner was from Chili's - a little surprise from the hubby :>  STEAK! + broccoli and guacamole. 

 . . . . .

This week has taken quite the turn.  Let's just say that Monday morning Ryan and I had no idea that we'd have a decision to make over just a few days.  I think we've made it though.  We had a nice long talk tonight and we both feel a peace about it.  More details to come!

Tomorrow I'll post lots of fun pics from our Valentine's play date today.  The kiddos were so cute!

 And...I just may be joining a certain gym...or "box" soon.  Eeeek!

Have a wonderful night of love with your fams ~ for all you Valentine haters out there, take it easy.  It's not that bad. ;)

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