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2/14/2011 -

2/14/2012 -


Yesterday we had a fun Valentine's Day around here. Ryan surprised me with some flowers and a pretty hilarious card.  What a sweetie!

I had planned for Karlyn to wear a red V-day outfit for the playdate we had planned. My mom bought her the skirt, Ryan's mom bought the shoes, and I picked out the shirt. Of course she wouldn't keep a bow in her hair. Every now and then I try. She looked super cute though :>

 After work, we headed to our playdate with Amanda, Lyndsey, Mallory, and Liam. We tried to get some pictures early because poor Liam was tired. YOU try to get 3 little ones to smile!

Lyndsey was so sweet to make the babies their own heart shaped rice krispie treat along with a book and a heart with their name on it. Amanda gave them each some hershey's kisses too. :) Mallory got upset when her treat came out of its wrapper and it was taken away from her. ha ha. It was fun to see them all interact and see the different stage they're each at. The last time we did this, Karlyn had just started to crawl! Crazy.

Ryan surpised me by offering to bring home dinner but of course mine had to be Paleo. He followed the rules and got me steak and broccoli! And a side of guac.

Lest you think Ryan was forgotten, I gave him a gift bag with an assortment of manly things the night before. AND, my mother-in-law was so nice to bring us a gift as well! She made Karlyn this super cute blanket! I know she will love it as she gets older. They are super soft. She also gave us the dvd of the movie, "Courageous." I'm looking forward to watching it with Ryan.

. . . . .

Day 3 of Eat Real~

Today has been pretty normal. I made some paleo pancakes using banana, egg, and almond butter and I don't know what's for dinner yet. I haven't worked out the past few days but that's coming...It's really hard to all of a sudden just completely cut out the junk I've been eating and even stuff like cheese and cereal. I'm hoping that *fantastic-lovin'-this* feeling kicks in soon. :-)

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Amanda said...

Look how little she was last year! Craziness! We had a great time! Thanks for coming over!