Crazy Shopper...That's Me

Let me tell you about my day.  C'mon, it'll be fun.

Today kind of stunk.  I started off by leaving this morning to get my car inspected.  This was AFTER I got a ticket yesterday for my inspection sticker being out.  I knew it was out...just as I knew the cop that I passed going to work, was going to make a u-turn and pull me over.  He did.  We had already tried to get it inspected (late) in December.  The throttle body was messed up though (I'll pretend that I know what that is) so they had to replace it/repair it and then we had to drive 100 miles and bring it back for re-inspection.  Well, Karlyn's b-day happened, Christmas happened, and my car never made it back to the shop.  I knew I needed to do it, but December was craziness and honestly, I had no idea that we had a 2 week limit to bring it back or we would be charged again.  Anyways.  This morning.  They wouldn't give me my darn sticker because they said the tread on the back tires was too low.  Ugh!!  I called Ryan and he said to wait on the tires so he could look at them.  I headed to workout and went through my weights workout even though I wasn't feelin' it that much.

Came home.  Cleaned some and showered and we headed out to do some shopping and returns.  I had decided that I needed some new jeans and even though I really wanted to do jeans shopping alone, all 3 of us went.  Why is it so much easier for guys to shop than us women?!  The last pair of jeans I bought were MATERNITY so yeah...I knew this would be not very much fun.  I tried on pair after pair *while Karlyn whined in her stroller and Ryan shoved cheddar bunnies into her mouth* and the poor boy helping me.  I'm sorry.  I'm picky when it comes jeans.  At least some of them...if I'm going to spend a good chunk of money on a pair, I want them to FIT VERY WELL, be the right wash I want, AND have good pocket placement.  So sue me.  And call me OCD.  It was bugging me too because it seemed like I was in-between sizes.

Anyways.  I finally found a pair I wanted.  But they didn't have a long.  Oh I didn't mention that?  I want my jeans long enough to wear with heels twice a year.  I was super not happy after all that.  NOTE TO SELF:  Don't decide to go jean shopping when you're hormonal!  Got it?

My husband was starving so he took us to eat with a gift card.  Still not happy.  We got home and changed clothes and I headed out to a mall.  Alone.  I don't remember the last time I was at a mall.  I had a couple of returns to make but this mall didn't have a GAP.  Super.  I went to the same store I'd tried on jeans at earlier and a very sweet girl assisted me.  We found the pair I'd tried on earlier but got the size and length I needed. 

I went to make my other return but it turns out it didn't come from the store I thought it did.  Coooool.  I spied some clearance racks though so I picked up a top and some dress pants for super cheap.  I also decided to stop for a "fitting" of sorts since it had been a while in that department too.  Dilliards was having a great sale!

So maybe it wasn't really that bad?  But it felt like it.  I was having an "I don't like my hair-face-body day" and trying on clothes that don't fit the way you want them to doesn't help. 

And one more thing.  Maybe this is just me, being post-baby-paranoid but every time I shop for clothes or something like expensive jeans, I get this annoying thought.  Um, what if I get pregnant again?  I just shelled out money for xyz and if baby # 2 decides to come along, those pants aren't gonna get much use.  Please tell me I'm not the only mom who thinks like that.  Please?  I'm just weird.  And crazy.  And I'm sure that was tmi.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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