My first box!

Yay!!  It came today!  I bought myself a little present.

Since I can't join this box, I found another kind I just might like.  Have you heard of Birchbox?  I hadn't either until I saw a friend on facebook talking about it.  Go check them out!

I just think it's the neatest little idea and I'm a sucker for samples.  I don't buy high dollar make-up/beauty products so I figured this would be an inexpensive, fun way to get to try some.  I've been tracking my 1st box online and stalking the mail-man like a crazy woman.  I read that the boxes get dropped off when your everyday mail does but I wasn't sure if they would set it inside the mailbox or bring it up to the door.  It was in the mailbox!

Eeeek!  Who doesn't love opening pink boxes full of girly things?  When I opened this box, there was another box.  Cute =)

Of course you know I'm documenting this whole process.  Even if the photos are sub-par... I had read reviews of what some of the boxes were like so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had filled out my beauty profile when I joined, which customizes the products you're likely to be sent.  Neat huh?  My box though had a card that said today's samples included some of their latest discoveries and all-time favorites.  I'm guessing the next one may be a little diffferent?  Next pic...

Mini-size LARABAR?  Ok...ha.  Wasn't expecting that.  Anyhoo, the first thing I picked up was the little bottle.  It's an eye serum that runs $80.00 for the full size.  It may look small but I bet there's quite a few applications in there!  I'm excited because under-eye problems run in my family and I would love to find something that actually helps!  Inside the little package?

Lip Gloss.  Nail Polish.  Perfume.  !

I've heard awesome things about this nail polish brand so I can't wait to use it!  I'm sure you can't wait for me to either after seeing my un-manicured nails... The lip gloss is a pretty bright pink color and I've never worn Juicy Couture perfume before so that will be fun too =)

All together now~

I got a magnet too :>

So yeah, I'd call the first one a success!  I will use all off it!  The Birchbox system allows you to rack up "points" by doing a couple of different things.  You get points when you
  • Review online the samples you've recieved
  • Refer someone else to Birchbox - and they join
  • Pay for a full year's subscription
  • Order full size items in their Birchbox store
If I chose to order any of the full size items that I received samples for today, I woud get free shipping.  Your points also add up to give you credit.  I think 100 points is worth $10.00 off.  They also have a facebook page you can "like" where they hold giveaways and more.  For subscriptions, you can order one month at a time (they will re-bill you each month unless you cancel), you can pay for a year up front, OR you can join at a 3 or 6 month plan.  You can cancel at any time, fee free.  $10.00 a month is what you'll pay but if you join for a year, you get 1 free box.  You can also "gift" this as a present to someone else.  Fun!

There's my review! Shannon :>  Head here if you want to learn more!  And then hit me up if you decide to join so I can snag some points ;)

Ta ta for now.


Josh and Shan said...

Yay!! I didn't know they customize it, I think I'm SOLD!!

Kati said...

I'm not sure *how* customized it will be but that's the idea...I think you have to have realistic expectations and know that you're getting samples of these products. If I find I'm not using what I get, then it should be easy to cancel but I'm going to at least try it for a while! :>