Friday Night Hoops

Tonight I got to watch my sister Karoline play basketball.  We had a great time and got to visit with my parents during the game.  Ryan joined us for the end and then we hit up Fuddrucker's afterwards for dinner.  A nice change from our typical Friday night :-)

I love that my sister wears #23.  That was my number in high school and it brings back so many memories.  Whenever I watch a high school girls game, I kinda miss it.  The warm-up music, the uniforms, the drills, the plays, the excitement, the competition.  I actually wouldn't mind joining a league and playing...  Of course, I'm nowhere near in running-up-and-down-the-court shape but it would be fun and a great workout.  Maybe I'll look into that someday.  Ya know, when I have time and all that.

I love these sweet pics of Karoline and Karlyn !

my favorite!!

Karlyn did well during the game although she would have much rather walked all over the court than sit in our laps.  During the first half whenever the buzzer went off, it upset her but then she got over it.

Hope you have a happy weekend ahead of you.  I have a 3 DAY-er and the big Broncos/Patriots playoff game is tomorrow night!  We'll be watching it on a big screen with our game faces and maybe some snacks :>

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