1 Year Well-Check

Yesterday I took Karlyn to her pediatrician for her 1 year well-child checkup.  We had a longer wait than usual plus we got there early but she still did really well the whole time.  I was late in scheduling it because after her birthday life got crazy but better late than never!  I really like this doctors office and the staff they employ.  We've had good experiences so far.

This child was cracking me up in the waiting room though.  Her new thing is standing.  She wants to be little miss independent and stand on everything.  I plopped her down in the chair next to me so I could fill out a new info form they're using for 2012 and what did she do immediately?  Stand up.  I let her and kept an eye on her.  The waiting rooms - well and sick - were both more full than I'd seen before so babies and kids were in and out.  She took it all in as she decided it would be fun to walk up and down the row of chairs, lifitng her legs over the hand rails to step to the next chair.  The office staff thought it was funny, kept saying how cute she was, and admiring her sweet denim skirt. :)

We finally got to go back and before the nurse could weigh her, I had to change her diaper.  Well as I picked her up off the table once we were done, the crinkly paper stuck to her bottom.  ha ha.  After she weighed, that paper stuck to her too.  It was pretty funny.  We had to wait for the doctor to come in then and I knew she was hungry.  I didn't want to put her clothes back on only to take them off again and I knew she wasn't going to be down with sitting in my lap so I let her walk around in her diaper and shoes.  I started giving her a snack, some little Gerber veggie puffs, and she was inhaling them like crazy!  It was hilarious and she even wanted to keep eating them when the doctor was there.  She walked all around the little room and I realized just how much she'd grown since our last visit.

Her 1 year (er, 13 month) stats~ 24 lbs, 31 inches - She's around the 90th percentile for both and the doctor was super impressed with her growth.  She's getting longer and leaner!  She asked if she was saying "mama" or "dada" and I said oh yes, and about 10 other words.  Including "no." :>  We talked about bottles and when to completely ditch them AND brushing her teeth!  I know with 9 teeth I should have already been doing this...oops!

It made me happy to get such a good report even though I know it's by the grace of God that we've been blessed with her good health.  I'm so thankful to have such a vibrant, crazy, silly 1 year old!

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