The Revolution!

So guess what.  I have a new favorite tv show!  I was able to catch it on Monday when it premiered on ABC.  I really don't watch a lot of tv these days and ours is usually set to Sprout tv or some news/financial channel when it's on.  But Ryan and I do like to watch a few things together every now and then to relax in the evening.  Daytime tv: ICK.  Until now!

ABC is kicking off their new show, The Revolution, this week.  I. love. it.  It's so my kind of show.  You can check it out online here~  I've set our DVR to record it for me each day from 1:00-2:00 and yesterday, Karlyn and I watched it while I did a livingroom workout.  Seeeee, I'm still being productive.

Here's the deal.  5 "experts" run the show and rattle off all kinds of self-help tips on everything from fashion to fitness to mental health.  Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover is one of them.  Tim Gunter is another.  The other three, I didn't know.  There's an OB-GYN, a therapist, and a celebrity personal trainer.  I've already learned some really cool stuff!  During the show, they take one audience member and give them a makeover backstage with a big reveal towards the end.  They also have weekly "heroes" which is a person or persons who have elected and chosen to go through a 5 month total *whole person* transformation.  Each day of the week they update the hero's progress, so Monday showed the results of the first 30 days and by Friday, I'll get to see the final product!  It's really neat and kind of Biggest Loser-esque. 

I love shows that help people look better, feel better, and learn to make real and simple lifestyle changes.

So tune in and watch it!  Or tape it.  The great thing about DVR is you can skip the commercials :> 

Do you have a favorite show yet for this year?

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