Thoughts on Eat Real - Week 1

I'm pretty sure I've gone crazy.  My eating habits are changing and it's kinda weird.  I think mashed sweet potatoes taste like dessert - or pie filling?  I pretend that cauliflower can become regular ol' mashed potatoes when blended up with garlic, butter, and black pepper.  I realllly wanted ice cream tonight or something desserty so I whirled some frozen banana slices with a little bit of coconut milk, then stirred in some almond butter.  It was surprisingly delicious!  Coconut milk is so going on my weekly grocery list now.  And I mean the full fat kind in the can...

So week 1 of Eat Real is over and while I'm proud of myself for overcoming some hard moments, I can't help but think that I still have 3.5 weeks left.  Yikes.  I'm ok though.  I'm really trying to take it one day and ONE MEAL at a time.  In case you missed this post, here's what I can have during Eat Real.

Meat.  Vegetables.  Fruit.  Healthy Fats.  That's it.  Oh, and any seasonings but salt!

This challenge is encouraging me to think outside the box (um but within the above box of course.)  It's making me deal with uncomfortable feelings or bad days without using sugar.  I can't just stuff my face with a brownie when I feel stressed or bored.  I have to make sure I'm prepared with healthy foods each day.

You know what else?  I think I feel better.  I feel more even keeled, more stable, less mood-swingy.  Less irritable, less sugar crashy.  The no salt is making me not "crave" more dinner.  I'm fueling up with healthy starches/carbs like fruits and squashes.

Here's some of what I've been eating~

This isn't easy but I think it's good.  Here's to week 2!


Haley said...

Kati! I am trying to eat better. I'm really excited about it.. cause im fat as all get out and need to be a better eater. I am basically doing the same thing you are. I need some good tips....

Kati said...

Haley, that's great! Way to go!!

I lost your cell number so text me with it and give me your e-mail. I'll be happy to share any tips :)