Are You a Fan?

I work in an office (read: room) with 7 other women.  That's a lot of estrogen.  And personality.  And opinion.  So it goes without saying that this little "Eat Real" challenge one of the girls and I are doing has brought about some discussion.  I actually kid about the amount of women in one room.  I think it says a lot that we actually get along quite nicely the majority of the time and are happy to see each other.  We can hold intelligent or reality tv discussions without a lot of arguments.

So today Michelle and I were talking about some of the things we've been eating and what we're allowed to eat...healthy fats, avacados, etc.  I can't even remember what all we said but another co-worker chimed in saying that she usually shied away from avacados because they are high in fat.  Michelle and I were saying, yes, but it's the good fat!  And unless you plan on eating 5 avacados in one sitting, you're probably ok.  Mary, the head honcho of this whole challenge, Michelle was saying, will go though plenty of avacados in a week herself.

I said, "Yeah, and she's incredibly lean and BUFF!" 

Our co-worker said, "Yes, but you know she didn't get that way overnight.  It took a lot of hard work.  And personally, I'm not a fan of hard work."
Wowzers.  I couldn't get that statement out of my head. "I'm not a fan of hard work."

It didn't surprise me that she said this, knowing her, but I still let it ring in my ears over and over.  I'm not a fan...hard work...hard work...hard work.

It just got me to thinking.  Yes, Mary probably does work hard to maintain her level of fitness.  And I'm sure she didn't become the owner of a crossfit gym overnight. 

Where am I going with this?  A lot of people might say they're not "fans" of things like:
  • Working out
  • Healthy eating
  • Stress relief
These things take time.  It takes time and effort to work out each day.  It takes time and effort to make yourself something healthy to eat instead of running through McDonald's.  It takes time and effort to do a yoga session when you could sit on the couch and watch tv instead.  They take work and yes sometimes hard work.  But aren't the things we value the most in life often attained by time, effort, and hard work?

I'm not just talking about fitness or a specific jeans size.  What about relationships and character?  Don't those take time and hard work to develop and maintain?  Doesn't progress require work?  And if we're going to work, why not go ahead and just work hard?

I'll admit, hard work was instilled in me by my parents.  I'd venture to say it's one of the most important things they taught me.  Whatever you do, work hard at it.

I want to teach my children to work hard and to pursue not perfection, but excellence.  I want them to try their best and not to be afraid of hard work in any area of their life.  Do you want a better job?  Then start looking for one and start learning the skills that you'll need to get it. Do you want a run a marathon?  Then go for a walk today.  And tomorrow.  And then jog one day.

You may not be hard work's biggest fan but are you a fan of diabetes or high cholesterol?  Are you a fan of developing osteoporosis or a fan of being so out of shape that you can't even enjoy time with your family outdoors?  We have to make choices about our health not just for today but for the future.  I want to look back when I'm 60, 70, and say yeah, I'm glad I was a fan. 


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Josh and Shan said...

This is my favorite post you've ever written! Amen!