Lots-o-Frames, Toy Swap, and the Missing Bible Character

Um.  Look at cuteness here in her overalls.  Pink hearts and everything!  She had to look super cute for her girls day with Nona.  Ryan's mom was kind enough to take Karlyn for a good chunk of the day so I could get some things done and rest.  I didn't rest but I did get a few things accomplished.

Exhibit A.  Or the great frame project of 2011.

I decided to round up every possible frame I had and could use.  The hallway leading up to Karlyn's bedroom is blank and for a while I've wanted to do a sort-of collage of frames down one or both sides using family pics.  I need the frames to somewhat go together though!  Enter: SPRAY PAINT!  I picked up two bottles at Wally World but I'll wait to paint them on a weekend.  I may get a third color too...reddish/burgandy?  The tan color is called "Caramel Latte" and has little specks of shimmer in it =)

Ryan's mom also took Karlyn to get some pictures taken a couple of weeks ago as a surprise for us!  They are soooo precious and I already have some of them up and in frames.  THANK YOU Sharon!  What a great gift.

Here's some of the incredibly bland "Eat Real" approved food I ate today~


So I got this good idea today.  Karlyn has grown tired of her normal everyday toys so today I took a couple + some clothes up to Kid-to-Kid for store credit and new toys.  I came out pretty good and got 4 new toys for $15.00.

But, my idea!  Us moms need to get together and have a TOY SWAP!  I will organize it :>  We could pick a central location, date, and time and then you just bring your kid's toys that they've outgrown or no longer like/want and we'd organize them all out.  You get to drop off your old toys and pick out new toys and everybody wins AND it's free!  I'm sure there'd have to be some rules as far as how many you can pick and such but I think it could work.

What do you think??

I took this arc up today but they wouldn't take it because some animals were missing.  Picky picky.  Poor Noah was nowhere to be found...I'm thinking he jumped ship.

So the great thing about having Monday off?  Short work week.  Hoo-rah.

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