New Look, Spanking? and Weekend in Pics

Well well, what do we have here?  Notice anything new??!

I am so excited and overly proud of my new blog header!  I know it's nothing fancy but I had found a tutorial that my friend Heather posted on Pinterest and last night I decided to follow it step-by-step to see if I could make my own.  It was so stinkin simple!  The hardest part was picking out the pictures I wanted to use and then sizing the whole thing to make it fit within my template.

I've also added a few "pages" to the blog.  Check em out if ya like!  I'll be posting updates there for the "Eat Real" challenge since I'm sure daily blog diatribes on my sugar cravings will quickly get old.  I can't belive this starts tomorrow :-o  Lord help me.

I have some Sunday cleaning to get to so I think I'll do a repeat of last week and post our weekend in pictures.  But first, I have to share this.  Every Sunday I get emails from thebump.com about Karlyn's development...you know, "You child is 41 weeks old," etc.  Today's had this little nugget of wisdom~

Reinforcing good behavior with a smile or hug and redirecting negative behavior with a time-out is a more effective type of discipline than spanking. Physical punishment can be dangerous and may lead to violent behavior down the road. (I italicized.)

Ha ha ha haha.  Are you kidding me?  I'm all about reinforcing good behavior and I'm not saying I will never use a "time-out," although I'm not so sure about those, but you can bet your pretty little self that I plan to spank my child.  Dangerous??  Mmmm, no,  Not really.  More like 100% necessary and Biblically mandated.  I just thought it was funny :)

Here's out weekend!

Friday night I went to our Eat Real kick-off meeting.  No pics.


Grocery shopping with miss thang. Ruffle Butt. GYM! I have no idea...Ok, maybe it was a pumpkin pie shake as a farewell to sugar. Visit with uncle Kollin.


Asleep after church. Breakfast this week. Dodger - we do own a dog!

I really really really hope I'm not getting sick.  I woke up with a sore throat that is lingering...ugh.!  NO.  Go away.  Gotta love Texas weather changes!

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