I have a new song

Man I love getting stronger!!  I PR'd on my push-ups today.  44 total!  I was bummed at first because my first set was a little lower than normal but I felt so much stronger than usual for the second and third sets.  I'm gonna try to get a walk in with Karlyn today too.  I still have a tiny bit of the crud feeling but I'm hoping that goes away soon.  Neti Pot and I have been getting reacquainted.

Do you ever find a new favorite song and then play it over, and over, and over until you're sick of it?  Yesterday this song came on my Adele Pandora station and I loved it.  I wrote it down so I'd remember it and then I listened to it today at work on Grooveshark.  You can listen to it here!  Her voice is amazing.

Alright.  I'm keeping this short and sweet today.  Do something healthy today!  Eat a piece of fruit.  Or a vegetable.  Do some push-ups :)

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