My Rangers confession and Happy 13th!

The last two Friday nights we've headed out to watch Ryan's brother coach football so last night we decided to do something different and drove over to my parents house to watch the Ranger game.
*I'll be honest.  I'm not a baseball fan and never have been.  I played softball once and was pretty horrible.  So.  I wasn't upset when they lost.  Nor would I have been overjoyed if they won.  Like I told Ryan, nothing invested, nothing lost. :-)* 
My heartfelt sympathy though to those of you who took it hard!

Karlyn got to stay up well past her bedtime but she hung in there, slept on the way home, and then went right back to sleep in her bed.  My dad and Kaleb couldn't be there because they were at their own football games so it was just a few of us.  Yesterday was actually Kolton's 13th birthday!  I can't believe that my parent's last baby is now a teenager.  I still remember finding out that my mom was pregnant...again... :) and couldn't believe it!  I love Kolton and he is such a trooper with all he's been though.  He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 2 and I was so upset.  I just know that God has big plans for him.

We took some fun pics ~

Now these just crack me up.  Keith brought out a wig but by this time Karlyn was in no mood.  It was hilarious!

Notice the shoes.

We had a crazy long Saturday today with Pumpkin Patch pics to come!  Say that 3 times fast!

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