Things I'm pondering

Why is it that overcast weather automatically makes one lazy?  One being me.  Oh well, I'm not gonna think too hard about it.  I have more important things to ponder.

* What "theme" should I do for Karlyn's 1 year birthday party in 3 months?  Can funfetti be a theme?  With lots of balloons?

* Should I join Pinterest?  Another time suck added to my life?  Probably.

* Why do I like the show Pawn Stars?  And why will he never offer the seller what they're asking for?

* Do some people really never eat sugar?  I would like to meet that person.  And then become them.

* How are we going to eat all this food our Sunday School class has been so graciously providing us with?  Someone's gotta do it.  #TimeToStepUp

* Is another gym visit in my future today?  I think it is.  I'm going to cancel the kids club membership though...we're not using it and there are usually too many kids and not enough adults.

* Are we going to get rain?  Please Lord!

* What has possessed my child to start CRUISING around the livingroom coffeetable?  She did it last night for the first time and it was crazy!  I think she will definitely be walking by her birthday.  Which brings me back to that theme...Pinterest anyone?


Anonymous said...

YES! You should join Pinterest, they have such adorable birthday ideas! And Funfetti sounds so cute.

You'll be able to freeze what I bring you on Saturday ;-) In fact, I might put it in 2 different dishes so you can eat one and freeze one if you want to.


Anonymous said...

1) I cannot believe Karlyn will be 1 in three months! Where has the time gone?

2) I love on Pawn Stars how he always knows somebody who is a specialist in what someone brings to pawn. lol

Amanda E :)