Update, Goober Pics, and New Boots

Hello!  Happy Tuesday.

Update on Ryan: He's doing well.  He's getting a little bit stronger each day and eating a little more each time.  He still feels super full after eating though and his incision is annoying and itchy sometimes.  He stayed up till 12:45 last night watching his beloved Broncos play so he must be at least a little better ;)

He will go on Thursday to have his staples removed...that just sounds like major OUCH to me.  He has lost quite a bit of weight/muscle mass so he is worried about that but I keep telling him that he'll get it back, no problem.

Yesterday I did something I haven't in a while and actually got a gym workout in.  Yay!  I did:

20 minutes of cardio
15 push-ups (the real kind!)
2 sets of assisted pull-ups
2 sets of rows
Some squats/lunges with no weight

~40 minutes

Today I took Kar on a walk which she loves.  It's good exercise and fresh air for both us.  The fresh air part; she's not getting much exercise sitting on her booty.

This kid is into everything these days.  Her new favorite room is the kitchen.  A couple of days ago we got a little crazy and tried a new food.  Scrambled Egg! 

She likey.
When she's not eating, she's pulling up on my leg while I try to clean the kitchen.  I got these ADORABLE shots today.  I love her.

 Motherhood is a funny thing I've decided.  Some days I think I want lots of babies and other days I wonder how in the world will I be able to raise the one I have.

So it's supposed to be Fall soon.  September 23rd to be exact!  My friend Shannon had posted a picture of some boots she got at ROSS and so yesterday after my workout I just happened to wander into the store myself.  I have not bought myself new shoes all summer...the last pair I got were some brown loafers last Fall that were easy to slip on and off for a preggo woman.  The last time I bought boots was maybe 3 years ago?  I've worn the same ones for a while now!  All of this added up to this:

I got great deals on these!  Both pairs were only $65 TOGETHER.  As I told my mother-in-law, I really liked them both and couldn't decide between them so they both came home with me.  My father-in-law said that I sounded like someone else he knows... ;)




The boots made me giddy and ready for Fall weather.  New shoes are just fun!  Except now I think I need some new clothes to go with them. =)  Darn hospital bills...

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I love the boots! Fall come quickly =)