9 Months!!!

Oh my dear goodness.  Taking a 9 month photo shoot is darn near impossible, but I somehow managed.  I don't know if this little ensemble turned out as cute as I was envisioning but it was fun and something different.

KARLYN KAYE IVEY ~ You are 9 months old today!!!!!!!!! (nine exclamation points) =)

How in the world did that happen my darling?  I love it though.  You are getting so fun and this last month, from 8 months to 9 months has literally been an explosion of activity for you as you learn and do new things...it seems like every second!

Here's what you're up to:

You are on the MOVE.  Everywhere.  You crawl all over the house, wherever you please with your new favorite room being the kitchen.  I have to make sure you don't eat the dog food.  You pull up on the couches, coffee tables, and on my legs while I try to clean the kitchen.  You also just started cruising a little bit!  I read somewhere today that mom's don't have to try to fit an an actual "workout" because chasing a baby around is workout enough.  Amen.

You're taking about 3 bottles a day and eating 3 little "meals" too.  Your newest foods are scrambled egg, peas, strawberries, and grapes!  Sometimes I lift you up after eating and find a few peas that got away.

You love to do "patty-cake!"  Grandmother Susan taught you that and now whenever anyone says "patty-cake?" you immediately start clapping.  You learned to clap!  It's so cute. 

We haven't been to your 9 month well visit yet but they weighed you a few weeks ago when we were in the office.  21 pounds!  You are my chunky monkey and you're outgrowing your summer 6-9 month outfits...which is good timing because I cannot WAIT to dress you in your cute Fall 12 month clothes!

You laugh too and your tickle spots are your arm pits and and underneath your chin.  You like to look at books but only quickly and really just to turn the pages.  You're sleeping through the night most nights, going to bed around 8:00 and waking up around 7:00, on a good night.  You're taking 2 one hour naps a day, one at the sitters and one at home in the afternoon.

You can sometimes get a little attitude going, but that's rare.

You try to crawl in the bath tub, you stick your tongue out sometimes, you're not sure about a sippy cup, and you're FOR SURE burnt out on sweet potatoes for dinner.  Sorry about that.

Your smile can make any day better and it's just the hugest blessing getting to do life with you.  Your daddy is in love with you and wishes he could hold you right now...

You're being so good these days with other family members when they keep you and that is fun for me and for them!  You still have just 2 bottom teeth but you're definitely getting more hair.  Blonde on top, brown in the back?  You are having a lot of fun with Dodge too right now and always notice him and crawl up to his gate.  I think he will be a great little doggy for you. 

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are gray...You'll never know dear, how much I love you.  Please don't take...my sunshine away.! :-)

Happy 9 months beautiful girl!  I pray that God will give you a sweet spirit and heart that loves Him and wants to serve Him.  You are a gift from above.  The last 9 months have been one crazy wonderful chaotic ride that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Love. You.

~Mommy and Daddy 


Lyndsey said...

Happy 9 Months precious girl!!

Grandmother said...

Loved the photo shoot. Beautiful baby girl!! Grandmother loves you and needs some more babysitting time. Happy 9 months.