Rug Fun

Front entryway.

It's where the cool kids hang out.  All this time...I never knew.

How is your Day of Rest treating you?  Ryan felt like going to church this morning so we did!  He actually made it through both the service and Sunday School and several people stopped to ask him how he was doing, which was sweet.  This last Thursday was when he got his staples out and he ended up having a little infection towards the top of his incision.  The surgeon then left a hole just OPEN that we have to re-pack and change out twice a day now.  Hopefully in three weeks when he goes back, it will be healed up.  It feels weird to him though having a hole in his chest and so he's still moving gingerly. :-0

Yesterday I took Karlyn to a birthday party for our babysitter's little girl AFTER our sweet friends the Gillespies brought us dinner.  Chicken spaghetti, pumpkin muffins, and cake batter rice krispie treats!  Mmmmm. 

It was all delicious.  I was going to get one of the spaghetti but Ryan finished it off for lunch.  We have more in the freezer though! =)  Thanks Shannon!  Our sunday school class has been so kind to bring us meals and we have greatly appreciated all of them.

We're having a low-key day around here.  Ryan's asleep on the couch - resting up for the Bronco's game at 3:00.  I need to spic-n-span our bedroom and bathroom, do some yoga, and then take Karlyn to my mom-in-law's while I pick up some groceries.  I'm going to get some baby yogurt for Karlyn to try!

Have a restful day~

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