Back to Work, Fall Fashion, and Blogger Help?!

Guess who went back to work today.  This guy!

Sorry for the picture Ryan.  Yes, he had to leave his comfy perch of a couch and the loving surroundings of get-well wishes and a monkey balloon, courtesy of mua.

He's still there now... (2:00 pm) and he's not supposed to work all day but I guess we'll see. 

Today has been a nice Monday so far.  The weather is gorgeous and I'm sure we will partake in a stroller walk later...gonna do my yoga again today too.  I did this class on Saturday but skipped yesterday.  It's sooo good for tight hips and I am sore from it! 

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself but I decided to wear my new boots today.  I got all excited last night switching Karlyn's Summer clothes out for Fall so we had a little photo shoot this morning.  We'll call it:

Fall Casual

How cute is she?!  And excuse my awkward pose.  You have to bend over quite a bit to hold a 9 month old's hand.  I don't mind =)

I also carried my new "31" lunch tote to work today!  I really like it!!  It's super cute, super roomy, and super insulated.  Check it out!  Ryan's cousin Nicole is selling 31 products and this was my first purchase from her.

Go check out her site!  They have a lot of other cute things and you can even monogram them! 

Ok, last thing.  I'm having Comment issues on my blog.  I think some people are unable to comment for some reason.  Then when I switch the settings, others can't!  Argh.  What do I do?  Currently I have it set to "Anyone" as to who can comment...I also have word verification on.  Is there something different I need to do so that Wordpress bloggers can comment too?  How does "Open ID work?  I'm not sure.

Would love any help!  That is of course, if you're able to comment.  :-0


Josh and Shan said...

I have a Thirty-One lunch kit too and LOVE it!

P.S. I jumped ahead of the game on Saturday and wore my new boots, I couldn't help myself =) I love your outfit.

The Norvells said...

I love 31. I have a diaper bag and we have two lunch bags from there as well. Such great products for cheap prices. and I love the boots by the way.