My new favorite letter is...


Think of all the great things that start with P.

Peanut butter.

Um...hmmm...ok, that's the only one I can think of.  Surely there has to be more.  Pretty?  Pink?  Play-Pen?  Party? 

This one really rolls off the tongue though.  Pinterest.

I had heard about it but, like with twitter, was Procrastinating (another good one) checking it out.  I knew I would Probably get addicted. 

Oh my friends.  It is wonderfulness.  It is addictive, alluring, inspiring, and just stinkin fun.  In a nutshell, Pinterest is a place to catalog, store, organize and share all your ideas for just about anything!  Recipes, DIY projects, hair styles, nursery ideas, baby clothes.  It's hard to explain but easy to catch on to.  Go check it out!  Then you can be like me and start thinking of things that really don't have to be done so that you can PIN more.  Housework?  Nah.  Exercise.  I did that last week.  Care for my child?  She IS 9 months old now.  #IndependenceAlready.

Here are just a few things I've found and love~

do it yourself P-retty dry-erase board :)

You-know-who would look adorable in this for her b-day...with leggings in December!

I want to do something like this in our hallway


Would you believe this is a spray-painted oven grill?

This last one sums up how I feel about Karlyn.  =)  My deliciously Plump daughter.

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