Mommy Guilt


I'm watching my child play on her new favorite toy.  The swing...which is not a toy at all and needs to be taken out of the living room and stored at Nona's! 

The weather teased us today with a little bit of rain but then quickly disappeared.  It had been a while since I'd visited my favorite doctor, Dr. T. My chiropractor!  I took Karlyn with me and she did great and sat with Summer the receptionist while I got my adjustment.  I so needed it and I always feel a billion times better when I leave that place.

Today I went in with more than just a wonky (it's a word people) back and neck though and threw some questions at Dr. T that I had.  Quesions about Karlyn, questions about "the norm" when it comes to raising babies and what most of society expects you to do.  Questions I've wrestled with and gone with my gut on, as well as research and family experience.

He totally confirmed my decisions and even gave me further evidence/arguments to back up what I already believe to be true.  So did my mother, who I respect greatly after raising 8 of her own kids.  Mommy guilt is a tough one and it sucker punches you when you least expect it.  You've got one camp of people telling you to do things this way and the other telling you that THAT IS CRAZY.  What's a mom to do?  I heard one person say, "you have to do what lets you sleep at night."  I agree. 

Is my child healthy?  Yes.  Is she happy?  Yes.  Are there risks on both sides of this equation?  Sure.  But you have to ask the question.  Which risk is riskier and what are the actual risks?  I think you have to do this parenting thing day by day and hour by hour and know that you and your spouse are the ones raising your children, no one else.  As I said before, we all make choices and then we live with the consequences of those choices.  God gave us instincts and hearts and minds and souls.  Weigh every side of your decision, seek input from those you trust, and then go with your decision.  There will always be doubt, and yes sometimes the dreaded mommy guilt, but when I lay down at night, I want to know that I followed my heart and made the best choice for me and my child.  Whether it's popular or not.

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